Myths About DIY Carpet Cleaning

Nowadays, there are a lot of excellent resources online about carpet cleaning. However, oftentimes, a few of those tips that these online resources give do more damage than good.  

If you are not careful, you might end up following some of these tips. To make things worse, it can also be extremely expensive to fix some of these mistakes.  

That is why it’s always best to know what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to carpet cleaning tips. If you want to be safe, you can simply hire a carpet cleaning Seattle company to help you clean your carpet.  

You Can Use Ammonia to Clean Carpet

For those who don’t know, a high-alkaline solution can cause severe damage to the carpet. Ammonia is one of these high-alkaline solutions. Aside from causing damage to the carpet, ammonia is also toxic. It can produce a fume that, if inhaled, can cause respiratory issues.?? 

You Can Use Dish Soap to Clean Carpet

You shouldn’t utilize dish soap on?the?carpet. It is typically used to get rid of food, grease, and grime from dishes. After washing the dishes, the soap is rinsed off. Unluckily, your carpet doesn’t have a rinse function. A lot of homeowners combine water and dish soap in cleaning their carpet, only to find out they made the stain worse than before.?? 

Water is the Perfect Carpet Cleaning Method

It might seem harmless to use water in cleaning your carpet.?However,?it can often do more damage.  

It is easy to remove a stain when you damp it first.?However,?you have to utilize club soda or?seltzer water?instead of ordinary water.?? 

You Don’t Have?to?Clean New Carpet

This is a complete myth. Your carpet might still be dirty even if it looks new. You should hire a professional?carpet cleaning to have your carpet cleaned every 6 up to 12 months.?? 

You Can Use Hair Spray to Clean Carpet

Hair spray is normally used on hairs. It isn’t designed to be used on carpet. If you use it on your carpet, it might leave a residue. This residue will attract dirt and contaminants if it isn’t removed. In addition to that, using hair spray can cause permanent damage to the carpet.?? 

You Should Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

There are some individuals out there saying that vacuuming the carpet regularly is bad for the carpet. Well, that is not the case. Nowadays, modern carpets have been designed to endure a lot of vacuuming. The truth is that one of the ideal things that you?can do to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it. By vacuuming your carpet, you can get rid of around 80% of the dirt from your carpet.?? 

Almost every person has to vacuum their carpet at least once a week. You might have to vacuum every day in high-traffic areas.?? 

Vinegar Cleans the Carpet

Oftentimes, vinegar is recommended when cleaning the carpet. While it’s an excellent disinfectant, it cannot get rid of stains. A lot of individuals recommend mixing vinegar with baking soda. However, this will probably not get rid of stains either.??