Adoption Myths that you should Know About

There are many myths surrounding adoption. This is often due to misconceptions about adoption itself. However, to help you sort through these myths, here are some explanations to make them clearer for you.   

1. Same love issue  

By far, the most common myth when it comes to adoption is the amount of love that is often compared by those who have not experienced dating firsthand. The reality of loving a child does not depend on whether the child has the same blood as you or is from you but whether you choose to love that child. Yes, it may need some time for adjustments, but loving a child is not based on biology.  

2. Who is it for?  

Another common myth is how only those who are not capable adopt children. This is also not true! Adoption is not a backup plan but a choice. Many people still choose to adopt even if they have children to raise. Like any other choice we make in life, adoption is meant to be selected for various reasons, too, depending on the person deciding why. Some may reason their cause is to provide children who do not have a home to have a family, while some find it their calling to help.   

3. The right adoptive parents  

Adoption has been known only for those who are married. However, this is not the case at all. Adoption is not dependent on your status. If you are single, engaged in a heterosexual union, or one where you share the same gender, adoption is always up for a yes! Adoption is beyond status or gender but in your willingness to provide and love a child.   

4. Are all children being adopted came from moms who do not care?  

When it comes to adoption, the root cause of concern is the pity party that the child was up for adoption because his or her mom has been drugged for life. Many moms who put their children for adoption are not into drugs and are sane and able. They have come to this difficult decision because this is the decision. They know it will give their children the best future. Some of the moms of the children for adoption are so young that they consider themselves not yet the best to take care of such a fragile and essential life.   

5. Can be adopted children be taken back by their birth parents?   

It is believed that it is possible for both parents to get their children back even after the process of adoption. However, the reality is, you can be at peace that when an adoption process is finalized, it is permanent. Yes, there can be issues of fraud in matters like these. However, rest assured, you and your adopted child’s relationship is sealed after the process is over.   

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